5 Superheroes That Need the Telltale Treatment

5 Superheroes That Need the Telltale Treatment

1) Superman

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It is notoriously difficult to create an enjoyable Superman game if the character’s track record is anything to go by. Whether it’s Metropolis with a health bar or awkward flight controls, Supes hasn’t translated well into the video game space. The Man of Steel is incredibly powerful, so what enemies could possibly pose a threat to him in a video game? Certainly not your average street thug.

The obvious point of call would be to cram their pockets full of kryptonite, but in doing so strips Superman of his abilities that would make for an interesting video game. So toss that all aside and instead focus on telling a great Superman story. Enter Telltale. Of course it would still be a challenge to put forward a convincing threat in the game, but all of the aforementioned gameplay woes would be eradicated. Instead you would have a tightly driven, interactive story delivered by Telltale that could be the first great Superman game.

If there is one thing that Telltale has taught us ever since they burst onto the scene in 2012, its that whatever license they take hold of, they can tell a really engaging story around. Yes there isn’t much gameplay to Telltale games, but there’s no denying what they do can be incredibly special. Hand them the likes of Superman or Blade and the outcome could be noting sort of fantastic.

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