5 Superheroes That Need the Telltale Treatment

5 Superheroes That Need the Telltale Treatment

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Many by now have probably sank their teeth into Episode One of Telltale Games’ latest series, Batman: The Telltale Series. This inaugural episode has satisfied Batman and Telltale fans alike, due to its immediately encapsulating narrative that puts a spin on the traditional Batman tale, whilst aderhing to the source material.

It is clear that the folks over at Telltale know how to handle the Caped Crusader and apply their trademark gameplay formulae to that universe, which begs the question – what other superheroes could Telltale tackle? Which character from either DC or Marvel’s expansive library could they tell a really interesting story around? Got you thinking now hasn’t it. Well luckily for you here is a list of five superheroes we think need the Telltale treatment.

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