5 Superheroes That Need the Telltale Treatment

5 Superheroes That Need the Telltale Treatment

5) Daredevil

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After learning not too long ago of a canned Daredevil game that looked to be the Batman: Arkham game of its time, the world of Matt Murdock is screaming out for a video game adaptation, especially one helmed by Telltale. Much like their current Batman series, Telltale could put an emphasis on the day to day life of Murdock. Is he trying to establish his law firm or continue its success as it comes under fire from competition?

Something that the Netflix Daredevil show does so well is showcasing Matt’s struggle to juggle his normal life with his nightly escapades. This could serve as an interesting narrative point for a Telltale style adventure that could have consequences dependent on what life you prefer to lead. Seeing the world through the eyes of Daredevil without having to physically navigate would also be pretty sweet and make for some awesome fight sequences, too.

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