5 Characters We Want To See In Telltale’s Batman Game

5 Characters We Want To See In Telltale’s Batman Game

4. Barbara Gordon


via DC Comics
via DC Comics

If the Telltale’s Batman series does indeed focus on the early career of Batman then chances are we won’t be seeing Batgirl or Oracle, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have young Barbara Gordon involved in Telltale’s story. Barbara could serve as a counter weight to her father’s conflicting views on the Batman. She thinks he’s there to help whilst James Gordon isn’t sure what to believe. Is a hero or a crazed vigilante?

Not only could this dynamic serve as an interesting way to see Gotham’s response to the emergence of Batman, but it could serve as a major turning point in certain character’s relationships. Maybe in the series you save Barbara Gordon which then becomes the tipping point for Gordon, and begins to form that alliance between him and Batman we all know so well.

The beauty of Telltale telling an original story is that they can go in any direction they choose.

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