5 Characters We Want To See In Telltale’s Batman Game

5 Characters We Want To See In Telltale’s Batman Game

5. Deadshot


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It is unclear what tonal direction Telltale are taking with their Batman series. Are they embracing the fantastical parts of the Batman universe or are they going for a more grounded approach? What path they take in their “living, breathing comic-book” will determine what villains take centre stage. If they do indeed take a more grounded approach then the expert marksman that is Deadshot would be a villain we’d like to see make an appearance.

One or two episodes could be revolved around foiling the assassination of a government official or police commissioner, embracing the ‘world’s greatest detective’ aspect of Batman’s character as he tracks down Deadshot. Those acquainted with the Batman: Arkham games will once again be reminded that Deadshot has been handled similarly in those games, but the unique style of Telltale games would make his presence feel fresh.

Whatever characters do end up staring in Telltale’s Batman series, there is no doubt they will be handled correctly and were chosen for a reason.  We hope to see these aforementioned characters pop up but if there’s one thing for certain, Telltale know how to tell a riveting story so whoever makes the final-cut, we will be pleased to see them.

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