5 Characters We Want To See In Telltale’s Batman Game

5 Characters We Want To See In Telltale’s Batman Game

2. Jack Ryder


via Warner Bros. Animation

So you have made a choice in an episode of Telltale’s Batman series that has either lead to the loss of a life or an argument with board members at Wayne Enterprises. Alongside the inevitable, ‘previously on Batman’ that will recap past episodes at the beginning of anew, what better way to remind players of choices they’ve made and how that is impacting the world around them than through the press. And in the DC universe there is no better journalist than Jack Ryder, right?

Now of course he does not have to be there constantly reminding the player how they messed up in a previous episode, but have him be reporting on a drug bust the player was involved in on the television, or even approach Bruce Wayne for a comment based on an action taken by the player involving Wayne Enterprises. Ryder could serve as a way to show players that the choices they make impact the world and characters around them, further immersing them in the unfolding narrative.

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