5 Characters We Want To See In Telltale’s Batman Game

5 Characters We Want To See In Telltale’s Batman Game

1. The Riddler


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Despite the enigmatic Edward Nygma having been a prominent villain in previous Batman video games, another take on The Riddler by Telltale would be welcomed. In all four of the Batman: Arkham games The Riddler is nothing more than an annoyance in your ear, egging you on to collect his alluring Riddler Trophies scattered around the map. There would be a few instances were you would have to solve riddles apart of elaborate death traps to save hostages or race around a problematic race course in the Batmobile, but much of The Riddler’s purpose in those games was tied into collecting those trophies – not apart of the main narrative thread.

In Telltale’s Batman series there could be more of an emphasis on actually solving riddles putting The Riddler front and centre, whether that be to save hostages or yourself. With the series said to be focusing on a younger Batman, his first interaction with The Riddler could make for a great scene or climax to an episode. On top of that, since Telltale games are driven by choice and the consequences of decisions you make, that could tie nicely into sequences involving The Riddler.

As a timer whittles away and your window to solve Riddler’s riddle slowly closes, do you make the right call or fail and consequently have to deal with the ramifications in later episodes? Riddle me this: does that not sound cool or what?

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