5 Characters We Want To See In Telltale’s Batman Game

5 Characters We Want To See In Telltale’s Batman Game

Back in 2012 Telltale Games released the first episode for a new episodic, choice based game series based on The Walking Dead universe. Fast forward eight months come the release of the fifth and final episode of the series, and Telltale’s The Walking Dead was the talk of the town. Each episode was received very highly, scoring no less than an eight on a variety of press sites, with the series as a whole bagging over 80 Game of the Year awards.

Having worked with other licenses in the past like Jurassic Park and Law & Order, it was the zombie infested world of The Walking Dead and this episodic, choice driven approach to game design with a strong focus on characters that catapulted the independent California based studio into the spotlight.

Now, Telltale Games are dipping their toes into the DC Comics universe and specifically putting their spin on Batman with BATMAN: The Telltale Series, premiering this summer. Right before E3 this year we got our first look at the game and learnt of the stellar cast that will be voicing characters such as Batman, Catwoman, James Gordon and Vicki Vale, but besides that not a lot else is known about the series.

With that in mind here is a list of five characters we want to see pop up in Telltale’s Batman game.

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