Zachary Levi Needed an Assistant to Help Him Pee in the Shazam! Suit

Zachary Levi Needed an Assistant to Help Him Pee in the Shazam! Suit

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The Shazam! trailer was chockfull of jokes. One of the memorable ones involved Billy Batson saying he didn’t know how to pee in the costume. Apparently, this was a meta joke as Zachary Levi had such a hard time peeing in the suit, he needed an assistant to help him out.

He tells Yahoo! Entertainment:

“It’s kind of a pain in the ass to go to the restroom [in it]…It requires an assistant, I’m not lying. I would have to sit down and spread my legs and they would have to unzip me.”

… If I needed to drop a deuce I had to take the whole thing off.”

It’s no lie that though superhero outfits look cool, they are notorious for being very uncomfortable. Christian Bale had to go through three Dark Knight movies without a zipper on his batsuit. Even Ryan Reynolds complained that the new Deadpool suit for the sequel still didn’t allow him to pee when he needed to.

Going back to Shazam’s costume, though, I think it’s pretty impressive that DC managed to make it comic-accurate without the suit looking silly. Marvel Studios may give modern updates for their superhero outfits, but DCEU heroes look like they jumped right out of the comics.

Catch Shazam! in theaters April 5, 2019.


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