Wonder Woman to Reportedly Appear in DCEU’s Flashpoint

Wonder Woman to Reportedly Appear in DCEU’s Flashpoint

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Buried in news of Wonder Woman’s continued success at the worldwide box office comes a report from Mark Hughes on Forbes, suggesting Gal Gadot will reprise her role in The Flash’s solo film, Flashpoint. In addition to that interesting, but not so surprising, tidbit, Hughes also claims Flashpoint is now slated to open in 2020. Note: none of the above has received confirmation from Warner Bros.

This news perhaps needs no confirmation, as the Flashpoint storyline doesn’t only impact Barry’s life. Said alternate timeline involves Diana in a myriad of ways. The Amazons and the Atlanteans once teamed to thwart the attack of a foe. Wonder Woman and Aquaman wind up having an affair, leading to his wife, Mera, confronting the Princess. Long story short, Diana kills Mera, which inevitably incites a war between the Amazons and Atlanteans. Needless to say, Flashpoint is an incredibly bloody affair.

Because The Flash’s solo is receiving the title, it’s fair to assume the bulk of the story will take place there. Barry will probably go back in time, perhaps following the events that send him to Batman in the Batman v Superman Knightmare sequence. In an effort to reset the timeline (because Superman becomes a tyrant?), we’re thrown face first into Flashpoint. There, and in that movie alone, hopefully, we’ll meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s take on Thomas Wayne’s Batman, and a Aquaman and Wonder Woman at war with one another. It could also very well set up the touching scene below, wherein Flash returns to the normal timeline with a note to Bruce from his father:

batman and flash in flashpoint
Courtesy of DC

There’s no telling what the distant future of the DCEU holds, but the near future looks promising. Wonder Woman and Flash will both heavily feature in Justice League when it opens on November 17.

Image: Warner Bros.


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