Thor 5 Not Bringing Back Taika Waititi?

Thor 5 Not Bringing Back Taika Waititi?

Ever since the success of Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi has found himself thrust in the spotlight, getting gigs for Star Wars and more Marvel. With the divisive reception of Thor: Love and Thunder though, could that film be his last in the MCU?

As per Giant Freakin Robot, Waititi is allegedly not coming back for the next Thor movie, and while no specific reason was given, it’s speculated that it was because of audience reception for Love and Thunder that Waititi hasn’t been asked to come back.

As a fan of Waititi’s work with Boy and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, I never really thought that Ragnarok was his best work, and the point was just driven home by Love and Thunder. Sure, the character moments between Jane and Thor are better, but the jokes have been pretty bland—especially for Waititi who has made some other, better films.

With internet troll culture being a thing though, I suspect that the negative reviews didn’t really change anything, and Waititi simply chose to not return. I mean, he still has a Star Wars movie to work on, and he’s expected to have a full time role in HBO’s hit series Our Flag Means Death.

If you ask me, they should return to form and attempt another serious fantasy take on Thor. You think Game of Thrones director Miguel Sapochnik would be up to the task? Dark World’s Alan Taylor was also a Thrones veteran.

Thor: Love and Thunder comes to Disney+ on Sept. 8.


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