The Mandalorian: Mark Hamill Thanks Luke Body Double

The Mandalorian: Mark Hamill Thanks Luke Body Double

It’s been a year since a young Luke Skywalker made his debut in the finale of The Mandalorian, and though Mark Hamill was credited in reprising the role, barely any of his actual performance was kept in the final cut. The series had to bring in a body double for the part, and though he wasn’t credited, Hamill made sure everyone knew Max Lloyd-Jones.

Here’s the post that Hamill made on Twitter:

Lloyd-Jones also replied to the post with: “I am but a pale replica of your genius @HamillHimself !! Very flattered and honored to have helped you bring the OG Jedi back to the screen.”

If you’ve watched the behind-the-scenes docus for Mando, you’ll know that even if Hamill was put in a costume and shot doing the lines, they ultimately had to go with a digitally revived Luke Skywalker, with Lloyd-Jones providing the body. Admittedly Hamill’s credit is more ceremonial at this point, but he did offer the blueprint for what Luke’s delivery would be.

Like many other fans, I appreciate the effort of bringing Luke back, but would have preferred if they just recast the role, like they did with Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story. If anything, this means that they aren’t planning to bring a prime Jedi Master Luke to the screen anytime soon.

If they do decide to go that route though, a lot of fans are already crossing their fingers that Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan get cast in the role.

We don’t know when Luke will make his return, but you can catch The Book of Boba Fett when it premieres on Disney+ on Dec. 29.


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