The Batman Director Isn’t So Eager to Set Up a Sequel… Yet

The Batman Director Isn’t So Eager to Set Up a Sequel… Yet

Superhero films are always about setting up an entire universe, and with DC’s upcoming Batman reboot, a lot of fans are already looking to the future of Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight. As it turns out, director Matt Reeves isn’t so keen on thinking about the future just yet.

Talking to the Los Angeles Times (via ComicBookMovie), Reeves explained:

“Here’s the thing, my feeling in doing the film was always that I would never treat it as chapter one. Because chapter one assumes that there are more chapters… So what I wanted to do was to make this movie a satisfying experience so that people could experience a new fresh version of a character that the world has loved for over eighty years.”

Admittedly, Reeves’ franchise movies don’t feel as connected with each other as modern franchise films. Just looking at his Planet of the Apes entries, they take place in the same world, but each entry follows completely different arcs. We should be lucky if The Batman can manage to have the same feel.

“I think that if we succeed on that front, I know that I have a lot of stories I want to tell and then we’ll do chapter two, but not because we didn’t make this one a complete experience… Let’s just see what happens, let’s see the audience watch it. I hope they connect to it and if they do then yes there’s definitely more to do and I will not be napping for too long!”

For now, a sequel to The Batman hasn’t been officially announced, and it’s not even sure how this version of the Dark Knight is going to connect to the main DCEU timeline—but I guess that’s what gives Reeves the freedom to tell this story.

Catch The Batman when it hits theaters March 4.


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