Tarantino Wants Adam Driver as Rambo in Remake

Tarantino Wants Adam Driver as Rambo in Remake

After Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood, there is a lot of pressure on director Quentin Tarantino for his next (and possibly last) movie. With his penchant for films from the 70s, Tarantino reveals one property he would like to remake… and who he would like to star.

Talking to The Big Picture podcast (via /Film), Tarantino has shared that he wants to remake First Blood, but this time based on the original novel by David Morrell. He says:

“When David O. Russell talked about doing ‘The Fighter,’ he was over himself and over being the auteur… He just wanted to make a good movie that people are going to enjoy. There was something really refreshing about him saying that, and that perspective. If I just wanted to make a good movie, that I knew would be good, I would take David Morrell’s novel for ‘First Blood’ and do the novel. Not the movie that was made out of ‘First Blood.’ I would do the novel.”

Just in case you didn’t know, First Blood – which came out in 1982– was the film that introduced audiences to the character of John Rambo played by Sylvester Stallone. Though Rambo is pretty much a pop-culture icon today, it would be interesting to see how Tarantino would handle the story.

Here’s his fancast for the film:

“Kurt Russell would play the sheriff, and [Adam Driver] would play Rambo. Every time I read it, the dialogue is so fantastic in the David Morrell novel that you’re reading it out loud. It would be so good. But now I want to do more than that. But if it was just about to make a good movie, that’s out there.”

After teasing working on a Star Trek movie, I doubt that Tarantino would want to make his last film an adaptation. Then again, with Tarantino notorious for ‘borrowing’ elements from other things, a war epic adaptation of First Blood would be interesting.



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