Star Wars Episode IX Has a New Writer

Star Wars Episode IX Has a New Writer

Disturbance in the force, or just another example of standard filmmaking mechanics being blown out of all proportion because of the brand? Either way, the news that Jack Thorne has been hired to re-write Star Wars: Episode IX will be trending by the time this article is published, sending conspiracy theorists into meltdown.

With cameras set to roll sometime in January, Episode IX was to begin shooting from a screenplay by writer/director Colin Jurassic World Trevorrow, alongside his regular collaborator Derek Connolly.

What makes this intriguing copy for the millions of voices suddenly crying out in terror, without the hope that they too will be silenced, is the growing unrest in the Star Wars production universe, coupled with Trevorrow’s high profile summer misfire, The Book of Henry, which in all honesty isn’t that bad, especially if you’ve sat through The Emoji Movie.

We’ve just had Chris Lord and Phil Miller replaced by Ron Howard on the Untitled Han Solo Movie, so people will immediately think that this the start of another Senator Palpatine style shift in power for the Star Wars universe.

For once, let’s just focus on the positives, shall we internet? Jack Thorne was one of the co-writers of the critically acclaimed Harry Potter continuation, The Cursed Child, and has also been involved with TV’s Skins, as well as creating the John Hurt drama, The Last Panthers, and changes didn’t exactly harm Rogue One, did they?

Star Wars: Episode IX is due out on the 21st June 2019, and has already had to deal with the unfortunate passing of everyone’s favourite Princess, who seems to have a significant thread in The Last Jedi’s narrative, so re-writes were an unavoidable necessity. There is so much riding on this third trilogy capper that it’s quite comforting to know that they’re doing their utmost to get it right.

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