Star Wars Behind Elizabeth Olsen’s Jump from Indie Films to Blockbusters

Star Wars Behind Elizabeth Olsen’s Jump from Indie Films to Blockbusters

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Before she was cast as Wanda Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Elizabeth Olsen would star in smaller movies like Kill Your Darlings and the Oldboy remake. With Olsen taking the spotlight with WandaVision, she shares that trying to find a job in Star Wars is actually what got her the gig at Marvel.

Talking to Collider, Olsen shared how she was trying to get a job in Star Wars because she had only been playing ‘disturbed women’ in indie films. She shares:

“… as a kid, looking at Star Wars and I was obsessed with Star Wars. You couldn’t peel me away from Star Wars as a child. And so I was trying to figure out, how do I start putting that out there because I feel like all I’m getting are these really disturbed women in independent films.”

Here agents eventually had her meet with Marvel head Kevin Feige and people at Legendary as well, and that’s how Olsen got hired for films like Godzilla and Age of Ultron.

Though Olsen is working on a big franchise now, she does joke that her character of Wanda is basically her coming back to her older roles, but now ‘it’s a disturbed woman in a big franchise!’

For now, people are still trying to wrap their heads around WandaVision. While the first two episodes are kind of odd, they’re all serving their part in a much larger narrative, and everyone is excited to see how it will all come crashing down. Hopefully after this, Olsen gets that Star Wars job that she was looking for in the first place; after all, Paul Bettany, already had his Star Wars moment with Solo.

Catch Olsen in WandaVision now streaming on Disney+.


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