Spoilers: How ‘Flashpoint’ Will Alter ‘The Flash’s’ Timeline

Spoilers: How ‘Flashpoint’ Will Alter ‘The Flash’s’ Timeline

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The Flash Season 3 came to an end just as Barry began to alter the timeline, launching Flashpoint into effect. There’s been confusion as to how much the show will actually reflect the changes. Many assume it will be a limited arc, perhaps an episode or two given detailed attention. However, these assumptions are apparently incorrect. According to the show’s cast, major and lasting changes are coming.

Be warned, many may consider the following spoilers.

Season 3 marks a new timeline, where Barry will remember his past life. The world around him has drastically been altered, including Wally West being The Flash. Each character will differ from the ones we’ve grown to know and love. A list of the major changes can be read below, courtesy of CBR.

  • First and foremost much of the confusion regarding how other Arrowverse shows can finally be put to bed. Flashpoint will impact them, yes, that includes Arrow. The Flash himself, Grant Gustin, revealed he’s been made aware of a subtle change coming to Arrow thanks to the Flashpoint storyline.
  • Season 3 will begin approximately one year after the events of Season 2. Barry still works at CCPD, but Wally is The Flash. Both of Barry’s parents are alive, so we can only imagine what that will do to the former Speedster. Luckily, perhaps unluckily, he’ll have another Speedster offering him advice on how to manage.
  • Keiynan Lonsdale says his Flash is confident, maybe over-confident, in his role. However, his identity is unknown to his father Joe West, according to Jesse L. Martin; although, the two will interact.
  • Joe and Iris aren’t as close as fans will remember, for unspecified reasons. The same will go for his relationship with Barry, since in this timeline Joe never adopted him. Thus, his friendship with Cisco and Caitlyn has also been altered
  • Cisco actor Carlos Valdes, wouldn’t reveal anything about how his Vibe powers will factor in. But “he did tease that powers have a tendency to grow alongside characters.” He also spoke on Flashpoint wholly changing the dynamic of The Flash.
  • Tom Felton, who was recently cast as CSI Julian Dorn, also spoke on his character. Expect Dorn to be suspicious of Barry, they’ll have a “slightly abrasive” relationship. The two have worked together for years at CCPD; however, Barry will remember none of it due to the timeline change.
  • Being a huge Superman fan, Grant Gustin expressed excitement in the character’s coming to The CW. However, he’s unsure if he’ll get to share any scenes with Superman actor Tyler Hoechlin. With Flash currently in production, and Supergirl not starting until next week, none of the cast has read all of the scripts. Fingers crossed there’s a Barry Allan and Clark Kent interaction hidden somewhere.
  • The four-way crossover for Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends is a go. Yet, the cast is unaware of what form it will take or how everyone will come together.

So there you have it. What a wild ride we have ahead of us. It’s going to be glorious and it all begins on October 4 when The Flash returns.

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