‘The Flash’: See Wally West’s Kid Flash Suit

‘The Flash’: See Wally West’s Kid Flash Suit

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It’s happening folks! The CW has revealed a first look at Keiynan Lonsdale, as his Wally West suits up as Kid Flash. The speedster will make his first appearance inĀ Flashpoint, the show’s Season 3 premiere.

Wally West as Kid Flash on The Flash

The look is heavily inspired by the character’s comic counterpart. It looks great! Now, the real question will be how he becomes a speedster, and whether or not its permanent. Towards the end of Season 3, both Wally and Jesse were affected by Team Flash’s re-enactment of the Particle Accelerator explosion. However, neither appears to show any of the signs that Barry exhibited following his exposure in Season 1.

The Flash's Wally West as Kid Flash

Perhaps his becoming Kid Flash is a result of Barry going back in time to save his mother in the finale. If so, it’s likely his stint as a speedster will be temporary. Here’s to hoping that isn’t the case. Either way, it’s sure to be awesome seeing him in action. Fingers are crossed for a Jesse Quick tease in the near future.

Which raises another question of what fans should expect at San Diego Comic-Con. What could the team possibly reveal that will top this news? They’re sure to blow us all away, regardless.

Season 3 of The Flash begins airing on October 4.

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