Seventh X-Men Movie to Begin Filming in Montreal in May 2017

Seventh X-Men Movie to Begin Filming in Montreal in May 2017

Recently, X-Men movie fans were greeted by a revelation that the latest in the X-Men film franchise is slated to begin construction in May 2017 in Montreal, Quebec.

Le Journal De Montreal broke the news, reporting the studio facility, MELS, opened up a production office for the film on December 6. Montreal is no stranger to Marvel Comics’ mutant superheroes as X-Men: Apocalypse and X-Men: Days of Future Past were also shot there.

Image via Le Journal De Montreal/Chantal Poirier

The President of MELS, Michel Trudel, confirms that the production has taken up Studios Two and Three. Construction should begin in January of the new year.

Of course, the question being raised is in regards to which era of the X-Men will this film be about.

Even though this is supposed to be the seventh film in the franchise, the films have been shot somewhat out of sequence. The report makes no mention of a plot just now. Also conspicuously absent is the name of the writer or director. Therefore, it’s completely open to speculation as to what the film’s plot will entail.

It is rumoured that Josh Boone’s The New Mutants film could be shot there. However, here are a few alternative guesses that come to mind:

  1. A reboot of the franchise. Presumably to get the sequence of films more or less in accordance with the comics.
  2. God Loves, Man Kills is an excellent choice for a stand-alone story that could be easily converted to film.
  3. Finally, The Fall of the Mutants was a storyline that involved many of the Mutant titles from the late 80’s. This is when the mutant species faced an extermination threat on a genocidal scale; a very relevant and contemporary topic to turn into a film.

Bear in mind, these are pure speculations. With no script out in the open at this time, the sky’s the limit on what the subject of the latest film will be. Still, whatever it is, it’s certain to be heavily anticipated by eager fans.

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