Set Photos & Video Offer Closer Look at Hoechlin’s Superman

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The CW unveiled a first look promo image of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman and fans were divided, to say the least. The general consensus was that the suit looked pretty good, but something else was… off. There were unfair comparisons to Cavill, but seeing Supergirl’s Man of Steel in motion will be the true test. Thankfully, Twitter user Multi-dimensionalist captured set videos, offering the first glimpse and a closer, if not better, look at what we can expect.

Set photos were taken, as well. Again, they offer a better look at the suit and Hoechlin, and will hopefully work to allay the concerns of fans. The following images are courtesy of Daily Hive.

See? It’s looking much better! However, something is still missing. Oh, right, the curl. Of course, the curl isn’t mandatory, Henry Cavill doesn’t always have one. But it would be nice and very much welcomed. Besides, the picture below shows he can and does indeed sport the classic look.

tyler hoechlin superman curl

Since Winn created Kara’s suit, it’ll be interesting to see his reaction to an up close and personal glimpse at the Boy Scout’s. Maybe he’ll try to make a few corrections, or perhaps he’ll be inspired to make some changes to Supergirl’s look.

Very little is known about Superman’s role, except that he and Kara will butt heads. With news of Supergirl being the connective tissue to whatever conflicts looms in the 4-night crossover, hopes are high Supes will join in also.

Season 2 of Supergirl will air on The CW starting October 10.

Image: Daily Hive via The CW


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