Katee Sackhoff Says Karen Gillan has Better Chance to Play Poison Ivy for DC

Katee Sackhoff Says Karen Gillan has Better Chance to Play Poison Ivy for DC

Katee Sackhoff is sci-fi royalty with roles in Battlestar Galactica and The Mandalorian, but some fans are wanting her for the part of Pamela Isley a.k.a. Poison Ivy in James Gunn’s DCU, especially after she voiced the part in the animated Batman: The Long Halloween. As it turns out, she thinks someone else has a better chance.

Talking to Bingeworthy (via The Playlist), Sackhoff explains how she thinks Karen Gillan may have a better chance landing Ivy than her. She explains:

“No, I haven’t [talked to James Gunn]…Listen, I saw Karen Gillan wants to play her, too. And, like, she’s got a closer ‘in’ than I do, so I feel like that’s a given. I feel like I’ve got no horse in that race if Karen wants to play that character, but God, I love her. I can’t be mad at her. She’s fantastic, and I love her dearly, so I still would love to, for sure. I think that maybe I can play Poison Ivy’s mom. I can play Karen’s mom again. We can just do that again, and we can both play Poison Ivy. Like, different versions, maybe. You never know.”

No doubt, Gunn has a history of casting friends in the DCU, and there could be room for his Guardians stars like Karen Gillan; but with Sackhoff’s rep in pop-culture, casting her as Ivy could definitely be a feather in the cap of the DCU.

Personally, I think that the Ivy character has a specific type that a lot of people fancast with redhead actresses like Gillan, Emma Stone, of Jessica Chastain. If you ask me, they should really lean-in on the “Mother Nature” image and cast someone more matronly, yet still seductive, like Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks.

It’s just a thought.

A live-action Poison Ivy hasn’t been announced for the DCU, but you can watch out for Sackhoff in The Mandalorian now showing on Disney+.


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