Margot Robbie Allegedly Keeping Harley Quinn Role for DCU

Margot Robbie Allegedly Keeping Harley Quinn Role for DCU

The DCU is currently in the process of ‘soft-rebooting’ itself, and while some actors may have left the franchise, there are some that James Gunn and Peter Safran are allegedly going to keep.

One rumor that’s come out is that Barbie star Margot Robbie, who had played the role of Harley Quinn since 2016’s Suicide Squad, is apparently going to keep playing the character moving forward. This comes from @MyTimeToShineH:

Granted, there hasn’t been anything official about Robbie keeping the role, but she is one of the most celebrated parts of the old DCEU, and when rumors were going around that Gunn would be rebooting everything, a lot of fans stepped up to have him keep Robbie as Harley.

For now, we don’t really know what Gunn plans to do with Harley. The last we saw of her was when she was in the helicopter having just saved the world from an alien mind-controlling starfish. There were rumors going around that they wanted to have Harley pair up with Poison Ivy down the line, but we haven’t gotten any official updates. There were some that thought that Harley could be in a Gotham City Sirens film, but we haven’t got any updates on that for years.

If anything, it would be great if they could get Robbie back. Personally, I’m still up for director David Ayer releasing his original take on Suicide Squad before the studio meddling, but that could just lead to more muddying of the timeline.

Hopefully Gunn gives us an update soon. For now, catch Robbie in Barbie now screening in theaters.


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