Ghost Rider Project was Allegedly in the Works Before Strike

Ghost Rider Project was Allegedly in the Works Before Strike

With the MCU being able to adapt characters like Daredevil and Moon Knight, fans were wondering if there were any plans to bring back the Spirit of Vengeance with Ghost Rider. Nothing official has been announced from Marvel Studios, but a rumor is going around that there were plans.

As per @MyTimeToShineH, a Ghost Rider solo project was said to be in the works at Marvel before the WGA and SAG AFTRA strike. For now, the project has been stalled, but once the studios can reach a decision with the workers, then Ghost Rider is expected to get picked up again.

Though we should take the rumor with a grain of salt, a Ghost Rider project should be a no-brainer for Marvel. After all, the character has already gotten two solo movies with mega-star Nicolas Cage attached to the role. They even tried to bring the Robbie Reyes version of the character into live-action with Agents of SHIELD, but since that show isn’t really part of the canon, we can’t expect Gabriel Luna to reprise the role for Marvel anytime soon.

There were also rumors going around not too long ago of Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead, Death Stranding) being eyed for the role, but we haven’t really gotten any updates. Should Ghost Rider make his Marvel debut soon, I would imagine he would make his debut around one of the ‘darker’ MCU characters like Daredevil or Moon Knight; or maybe have him introduced in a Doctor Strange property since his powers are close to the mystic side of things.

A Ghost Rider project has not been officially announced.


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