Rumor: Thomas Wayne will have an Important Role in the Joker Origin Movie

Rumor: Thomas Wayne will have an Important Role in the Joker Origin Movie

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When it comes to the Waynes, they are characters that usually die in the first half of any Batman movie. With Todd Phillips Joker film, however, there could be something new in store for Thomas Wayne.

Collider’s Jeff Sneider talks about Wayne’s role in the upcoming Joker movie, as well as Robert DeNiro’s part. Sneider says:

“As for De Niro’s role, I don’t think he’s playing some canon type character. I don’t think he’s playing like a local TV host or something like that, who’s maybe broadcasting about the Joker. I’m not entirely sure. I do know that one character who’s going to have a big role in this is Thomas Wayne.”

There hasn’t been any big announcement on the film yet, but hopefully we get a solid update on the film come SDCC 2018. For now, it’s best we take these comments with a grain of salt.

Though the Waynes have always been remarked as important in the DCEU, they were merely tools to get Batman to become who he is. It would be interesting to see the Waynes NOT from Bruce’s eyes, but from the eyes of a regular citizen—someone like the Joker. They said this was a missed opportunity in Gotham, so it would be interesting if this origin film would give us some more meat on Thomas Wayne’s character.

No release date has been set for the Joker origin film, but with production set to start later this year, we could be looking at a release in 2019.


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