Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult are Screen Testing for Batman

Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult are Screen Testing for Batman

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Everyone thought that Robert Pattinson had landed the Batman role in Matt Reeves’ solo movie, but it looks like he still has some competition with Nicholas Hoult. As it turns out, the two are currently screen testing for the role, so we may have to wait a bit more to find out who out young Bruce Wayne is.

This news comes from The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez:

When news of Pattinson’s casting came out, it was said that WB was waiting on the fan reaction for X-Men: Dark Phoenix to see how audiences would react to Hoult. Then again, rumors also said that the role was already “90 percent” Pattinson’s; no one ever thought Hoult would make it as far as screen testing though.

With Hoult’s Beast still fresh in everyone’s mind, I think Pattinson is the direction the movie should go. He definitely has the jaw for it, and I’m liking the theme of ‘redemption’ when it comes to these Batman castings. No one thought Ben Affleck would do a great job, but he ended up a solid Batman; now people are hating on the casting of Pattinson, so I would love to see how everyone reacts when he delivers his own Dark Knight to the big screen.

Catch Matt Reeves’ The Batman when it hits theaters June 25, 2021.


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