Possible Synopsis for Secret Invasion Leaked?

Possible Synopsis for Secret Invasion Leaked?

Emilia Clarke may not be in House of the Dragon, but she’s going to be in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Secret Invasion series for Disney+. We don’t have an official look at the show yet, but we may have gotten the series synopsis.

This comes from@marvel_update3s on Twitter:

We don’t know how legitimate the leak us, but the story pretty much makes sense when it comes to the source material and how the skrulls have been introduced in the MCU canon.

While fans were sure that the skrulls were up to no good in Captain Marvel, it has been revealed that it was actually the Kree that had been abusive while the skrulls had been more peaceful people. Seeing as how the skrulls are actually just as capable of evil in the comics, it’s possible that Secret Invasion will finally pull on that thread and reveal to us that every race has potential for great good or great evil—then again, that’s just my pitch.

Though we don’t have a look at Secret Invasion yet, some fans are hopeful that the upcoming D23 Expo will shed some more light on the show. We’ve known for a while that Samuel L. Jackson will be returning as Nick Fury, but there is some mystery about Emilia Clarke’s character. Is she going to be a skrull that turns on her race? Or will she be a hero from the comics?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

No release date has been set for Secret Invasion, but some guess that the show could come to Disney+ sometime early 2023.


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