Moon Knight Season 2 Already in the Works?

Moon Knight Season 2 Already in the Works?

Back when Moon Knight premiered on Disney+, it was said that the show would only run for one season; but with the way things ended, there was obviously a set-up for more of Marc Spector and his alternate personalities.

No according to insider Daniel Richtman (via Geek Vibes Nation), a second season of Moon Knight is already in the works. Here’s the report:

We don’t really have any details about the second season, but we did see that Khonshu wasn’t done with Marc Spector’s body. As it turns out, there has been a third, more violent personality inside Marc named Jake Lockley, and it seems that Khonshu has chosen him to be his main avatar.

While there have been hints at Jake throughout the show, we haven’t really gotten a look at him in action, so it’s going to be interesting to see how he’s going to play off with the other two personas that Marc has. While Steven and Marc seemed reluctant to work for Khonshu, it seems that Jake is pretty comfortable with violence, and is willing to carry out orders no questions asked.

It’s not really clear what Marvel wants to do with Moon Knight in the future, but response for the show has been positive, and it’s been a blast watching Oscar Isaac act opposite himself. With the next villain teased to be another persona of Marc, we should just expect more chaos when it comes to the second season.

Hopefully we get the official announcement soon. In the meantime, catch the first season of Moon Knight now available on Disney+.


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