Paul Rudd to Play Opposite Paul Rudd in Netflix’s Living with Yourself

Paul Rudd to Play Opposite Paul Rudd in Netflix’s Living with Yourself

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Paul Rudd did a fantastic job in last month’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, and though he is an MCU actor, he still finds time to do some side projects. He has an upcoming series for Netflix called Living with Yourself, and will have Rudd playing against himself.

Here’s Netflix’s description of the show:

Paul Rudd will play dual roles in “Living With Yourself,” a new series about a man struggling with his life who undergoes a novel treatment to become a better person, only to find he’s been replaced by a new and improved version of himself

So far Rudd is the only confirmed actor for the series which is being run by The Daily Show alumni Timothy Greenberg.

I have to say, the premise kind of sounds like a spinoff to Charlie McDowell’s The One I Love (also on Netflix) in which a fighting couple discovers a special room where they meet each other’s ideal version of their partner.

While that film ended up kind of dark and creepy, I think Netflix wants to use this series to bank in on Rudd’s natural charm and knack for humor. If it’s anything like Tim and Eric’s Celery Man skit containing multiple versions of Rudd, then I’m already sold.

No release date has been set for Netflix’s Living with Yourself, but a 2019 release seems a realistic window.


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