Nope: Something’s Going Wrong in New Preview for Jordan Peele’s Next Film

Nope: Something’s Going Wrong in New Preview for Jordan Peele’s Next Film

Jordan Peele has proven himself as one of most unique voices in cinema today, and after Us, he’s re-teamed with Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya for his next movie, Nope. The trailer just dropped, and it just leaves everyone asking questions about what’s happening.

Check out the trailer for Nope down here:

We don’t have an official description for the plot, but the trailer does set a very unique stage with Keke Palmer playing the owner of a black-owned horse ranch in Hollywood. I’m going to assume that the giant cloud kind of just consumes everything that’s in its path, but there are a lot of other creepy visuals that lead some to guess that this movie could have something to do with aliens.

Admittedly, Us wasn’t as well-received as Get Out, seeing that the film is kind of vague when it comes to its lore. If Peele is good at something though, it is setting the mood, and with his unique dance of visuals and sound, his movies have been a unique experience when it comes to the theater.

We don’t know where Nope stands in Peele’s filmography, but I am excited to see what kind of story he wants to tell. His films have managed to spark this trend of horror films with social commentary, and that’s seeped over to other horror properties like Candyman. I’m sure Nope has its own unique message to say.

Catch Peele’s Nope when it hits theaters on July 22.


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