Nintendo Switch’s Price May Have Leaked Online

Nintendo Switch’s Price May Have Leaked Online

Following months of rumors and speculation, Nintendo finally unveiled its new console, Switch. Since then, the publisher has been quiet about its future plans. Those unnamed future plans include the price of the device, as well as an official release date. Accidentally, the Canadian Toys R Us may have offered up how much fans of the Big N will be spending come Spring. Via IGN, the site had Nintendo Switch priced at $329.99 CAD, which roughly equates to £200 UK, $250 USD, or $330 AUD. The website’s listing has since been removed. However, you can check out a screenshot of it below.

toys r us alleged nintendo switch price leak
Image via IGN

If this is true, it means Nintendo’s hybrid-console will launch competitively against other consoles on the market. The recently released Xbox One S and PS4 Slim are both currently running at $299.99 USD. Comparatively, the price of $250 matches perfectly with the Wii’s launch pricing at $249.99 during the Fall of 2006. The House of Mario’s last home console, the lifetime struggling Wii U, launched in late 2012 to the tune of $299.99 USD. Needless to say, Nintendo is looking to make big waves and fast with their latest device.

The Switch is set to be the next evolution in both console gaming and gaming on-the-go. It’ll act as a mobile and home device, delivering on the long-time dream of playing in front of your TV, then carrying your progress with you while away. Aside from specific product details, not much is known about how exactly the device will function. How reliable will the connectivity be? Will latency play a large factor? More official news is set to be revealed in early 2017, not long before launch. Then, details regarding the retail price, launch titles, and more will be unveiled.

This holiday season is looking a bit scarce without Nintendo in the race, but the Spring is sure to be exciting.

Image: Nintendo


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