The Nintendo NX Becomes ‘Nintendo Switch’

The Nintendo NX Becomes ‘Nintendo Switch’

Following more than a year of anticipation, rumors, and a few leaks Nintendo unveiled its latest console, the Switch. Previously known as the NX, the Switch was finally shown off in video released by Nintendo. The video highlights the most important aspects of the console and they are working on some exciting stuff.

The trailer starts right off the bat with some new Breath of the Wild footage, but we immediately see the main draw of the system, portability. Without skipping a beat, the console goes from a home-console to a powerful handheld one. Having games like Zelda, Mario, and even Skyrim, on the go is a great draw for a lot of gamers. Speaking of Skyrim, did anyone else ever think they’d see a Bethesda game on a Nintendo console? Does that mean other Bethesda games like Fallout 4 could becoming to the system?

What’s most surprising is Nintendo’s apparent embracing of third-party developers for the console. Part of the reason the Wii U has been seen as a “failure” is because there was next to zero support outside of Nintendo itself. Ubisoft and Sega were the only consistent developers who were willing to make games for that console. Often when developers did make games for the system, it was often bare bones, and DLC wasn’t usually given on the system. In order for Nintendo to succeed they can no longer rely solely on themselves for games, and this appears to be a step in the right direction.

Let’s talk about the controller, or in this case controllers. Nintendo often makes great controllers and there’s so much variety this time. The first controller shown looks an a lot like a 2DS and shows another apparent feature of the system. Different ways to play, based on your preferences. Do you like the 2DS-like controller? Go ahead play with that one. More of a traditional gamer? Here’s an Xbox-like pro-controller for hardcore gamers. It’s a nice touch to cater to both casual and hardcore gamers, which appears to be what Nintendo is going for.

The Switch appears to learn from the mistakes of it’s predecessor. It’s very soon, but just based on what’s be shown so far, they are heading in the right direction. The apparent investment in third-parties. The on the go/home console hybrid. The different ways to play. Nintendo is looking for a healthy middle ground between a casual and hardcore gaming machine. There is a lot to be excited for and more information should be coming soon. No specs of the system were given, except a March 2017 release date. take a look at the announcement below.

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