New Andor Trailer Teases the Rise of the Rebellion

New Andor Trailer Teases the Rise of the Rebellion

The Rebellion was pretty much formed in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but we get to go back further in the Alliance’s history with the incoming show Andor. Disney+ has dropped a new trailer for the show, and it teases a more political series compared to Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Book of Boba Fett.

Check the new Andor trailer out here: 

Though we only got Cassian Andor for one movie, the character does tease a long history with the Rebellion, and we get to see the story come to life with this show. With Cassian pretty jaded when we meet him in Rogue One, I suspect we could be seeing the character get down to some dark stuff in the Andor show.

Speaking of dark stuff, Stellan Skarsgard seems to have a very substantial role, and he seems to be connected to both the early rebels and the political side of things. Pretty interesting casting, considering that he’s Baron Harkonnen in the new Dune films.

Besides Cassian, we also see the return of Saw Gerrera and his partisans. I don’t expect him to hang around for too long, but his voice has always been one of the more unique ones when it comes to the story of the Rebellion. What are the odds we get a cameo from tiny Jyn Erso?

With previous Disney entries pandering to specific types of fans, I’m crossing my fingers that Andor leans heavily on the political intrigue side of Star Wars. I know it’s not for kids, but it should be something fun members of the audience who enjoyed the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones.

Catch Andor when it premieres on Disney+ this coming Sept. 21.


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