New American Gods 2 Trailer Reveals the God of…  K-Pop?

New American Gods 2 Trailer Reveals the God of… K-Pop?

The first season of American Gods was pretty well-received by audiences, but some snags behind the scenes have led to a huge delay in production for Season 2. What’s good is, we finally have a new trailer for the next season, and it looks pretty great.

Check it out:

It’s worth noting that Gillian Anderson (Media) had left the show after original showrunner Bryan Fuller was fired. Now the role of New Media has Kahyun Kim taking over, and it looks like character has some beef with the God of the Internet.

What’s interesting is, in the original novel, Media didn’t really have a form. She/he would just speak to Shadow in the form of whoever was on a nearby screen.

While news of a showrunner leaving is always troublesome for any series, I’m hoping that American Gods manages to push through. It was Neil Gaiman himself who was said to not be a fan of the first season, but I thought it captured the spirit of the book really well. Granted there are some changes made from the source material, but I thought it was all relevant to the message the show was trying to get across—especially in today’s social climate.

Hopefully American Gods 2 isn’t a bust. Catch it on Amazon Prime Video this coming March 11.


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