Netflix Takes A Powerful Stance Against The Oscar Backlash

Netflix Takes A Powerful Stance Against The Oscar Backlash

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There’s been a whole lot of controversy surrounding Netflix and the Oscars. Legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg has been pushing for the Oscars to leave Netflix out of the Academy Awards, saying that films released by the streaming site don’t deserve to receive recognition from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Instead, Spielberg believes that Netflix films should be treated as made-for-TV movies.

Now, Netflix has responded to all the hullabaloo.

Taking to Twitter, the popular streaming company decided to share its thoughts on the ongoing Oscar backlash, starting off  its post by claiming that they “love cinema” before going on about “some other things we also love.”

Netflix then continues its tweet, talking about accessibility, convenience, and creative diversity.

“Access for people who can’t always afford, or live in towns without, theatres; Letting everyone, everywhere enjoy releases at the same time; Giving filmmakers more ways to share art.”

You can check out the tweet down here:

Though this controversy remains at Netflix’s door at this point in time, Spielberg’s attempt to modify the Academy Award’s rules could extend to other films, taking away their chances at having a shot at a nomination at the Oscars.

Times are changing, and so has the format of film and entertainment. Of course, there will be those who feel differently about streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, especially since these sites have caused a major shift in the entertainment industry. Spielberg’s opinion regarding Netflix films can seem rather backward – though we do understand his sentiments, given his age and the years that he’s been working in the industry. Hopefully Spielberg learns how to adapt with the times.


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