Neo Returns in New Poster for The Matrix Resurrections

Neo Returns in New Poster for The Matrix Resurrections

For anyone who isn’t keen on the comic book-inspired action of Spider-Man: No Way Home, WB is offering another action blockbuster this December that asks some more existential questions. The Matrix Resurrections are also set to come out in the Christmas season, and we have a new poster featuring Neo, Trinity, and some new characters.

Check out the poster for the new Matrix movie down here: 

Though the trench coat with sunglasses look may seem kind of cheesy now, The Matrix gets to have a pass since it basically brought that look to the mainstream. I’ll admit, I was expecting Keanu Reeves to look a lot sleeker for the film, but the cyber-John Wick look could be a hint at the story.

No official plot breakdown has been revealed for The Matrix Resurrections, but hints at the trailer suggest that Neo is somehow back in the Matrix and has to rediscover his powers all over again. Then again speculation that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is playing a young Morpheus have led some to believe that this movie could be a prequel.

While the last two Matrix movies were considered sub-par follow-ups, you have to admit that the Wachowskis were trying their best to elevate the story with some Christ metaphors and sleek visuals. Though Lana Wachowski would be working on the film without her sister this time, I’m hopeful that they manage to get to the real meat of what made the Matrix films great—after more than 20 years since the first one came out.

Catch The Matrix Resurrections when it hits theaters and HBO Max on Dec. 22.


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