Mr. Piranha has some Serious Pipes in Clip from The Bad Guys

Mr. Piranha has some Serious Pipes in Clip from The Bad Guys

It may not be a Disney film, but Dreamworks Bad Guys has managed to keep a great run at the box office, managing to still be number one last weekend. Just in, we have a new clip from the movie that has the characters in on a heist and Mr. Piranha showing off some impressive pipes.

Watch The Bad Guys clip down here: 

The scene has the Bad Guys trying to pull off a heist, despite publicly trying to turn a new leaf. I have to say, I was first curious as to why Anthony Ramos was cast alongside comedians, but as it turns out, his character is supposed to belt out one impressive musical number.

Not to mention, they actually have Mr. Wolf dancing in the way that actor Sam Rockwell usually does in his movies. Even in animation they found a way to have him show off some moves.

We don’t know how long The Bad Guys’ good run is going to last, but a lot of animation fans definitely think the praise is well deserved. Who knows, maybe we can get the sequel announcement soon.

After a lifetime of legendary heists, notorious criminals Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark and Ms. Tarantula are finally caught. To avoid a prison sentence, the animal outlaws must pull off their most challenging con yet — becoming model citizens. Under the tutelage of their mentor, Professor Marmalade, the dubious gang sets out to fool the world that they’re turning good.

Dreamworks’ The Bad Guys is now showing in theaters.


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