Jason Momoa Allegedly Tried to Get Amber Heard Removed from Aquaman 2

Jason Momoa Allegedly Tried to Get Amber Heard Removed from Aquaman 2

This December will finally close the book on the Snyderverse with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and if the drama surrounding The Flash wasn’t enough, more reports have been coming out that there was also a lot of mess going around behind-the-scenes of the Aquaman sequel.

According to Variety, the recently released notes of Amber Heard’s therapist have revealed that there was apparently some beef going on with the actress and Aquaman’s lead star. According to the notes, Momoa would arrive drunk on set dressed as Johnny Depp, demanding that Heard be removed from the film.

Granted, it did seem that the movie had been distancing itself from Heard ever since the court case with Depp. The latest trailer had revealed that Arthur Curry had a son, but it wasn’t clear if Mera was the mother; if anything, we only get one shot of Heard in character.

Though Momoa’s reps declined to comment on Momoa’s alleged attitude toward Heard on set, a DC spokesperson did say, “Jason Momoa conducted himself in a professional manner at all times on the set of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.’… Jason works his ass off, likes to have a beer once in a while like everyone, but doesn’t show up drunk to set.”

The same source also said that they had spotted Momoa and Heard actually getting along and joking on set, and when it comes to him dressing like Heard’s ex-husband, the source said, “… He isn’t dressing like Johnny Depp. He has always dressed in that bohemian style.”

We don’t know exactly what happened, but as far as the DC Universe looks, it seems that they are having a terrible go at closing the book at the Snyderverse, from Gunn confirming that everything was rebooting too early, to rumors suggesting that Universal could be owning WB in 2 years.

Hopefully fans won’t feel exhausted by all this drama by the time Superman: Legacy hits theaters in 2025.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom comes to cinemas on Dec. 20.


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