Watch Bloopers for Sex Education Season 4

Watch Bloopers for Sex Education Season 4

Netflix’s Sex Education may have come to and end recently, but the show and the stars have one more video to send off the fans.

Just in, the blooper reel for the fourth season of Sex Ed has been released, and it will probably be the last time we see all of the cast together. Watch this:

Did someone say BLOOPERS?! The best (and hilarious) Sex Education Season 4 bloopers are finally here, featuring all of your faves.

Though the show had ended in a place which makes sense for a lot of the characters, there are admittedly some fans that felt that the final season of the series was a tad lackluster.

Not only did they not manage to bring back fan-favorites like Lily (Tanya Reynolds), Ola (Patricia Allison), and Olivia (Simon Ashley), but the last season also took place in an entirely different setting from Moordale, which was shut down in Season 3. Instead, we had Cavendish College, an overly progressive school with a cartoonishly ‘woke’ student body

Even so, I thought that all of the main characters still had their arcs meaningfully closed, with Aimee embracing art and moving past her trauma and Eric reconciling both his gay lifestyle with his religious one. Of course, at the very center is also Otis and Maeve who were together for only a short while, but their relationship is at the very core of the show.

Hopefully we get some kind of reunion movie down the line.

Watch all four seasons of Sex Education now streaming on Netflix.


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