Marvel’s Eternals Merch Links the Movie to Thanos

Marvel’s Eternals Merch Links the Movie to Thanos

With Eternals focusing on a whole new cast of characters, a lot of fans are curious on how they will be related to the rest of the MCU as a whole. Though we have yet to get a look at the movie’s villain/s, some merchandise descriptions have linked these immortal beings to none other than the Mad Titan, Thanos.

As per some merchandise descriptions, the Eternals come from the planet Titan, as in the Titan that Thanos once lived on.

Here’s the clip with Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War to refresh your memory:

Though it can be pointed out that the Eternals look nothing like Thanos, maybe they can say that Titan was populated by multiple species—kind of like the other planets we see in Guardians of the Galaxy. If anything, rumors had already been going around before that Thanos would make a cameo in this film, but as a younger version of himself, at a council when Titan was still thriving.

With Thanos mostly standing as a lone representative of his species, it would be interesting to see others like him. Maybe he was also an immortal? Maybe the reason the Eternals decide to interfere this time is because they’ve finally seen what kind of damage someone like Thanos can bring to the universe.

Though 2020 saw no release of any MCU content, the studio now has a tricky task ahead of themselves when it comes to releasing their delayed films alongside the 2021 slate of material. Hopefully fans haven’t been worn down by franchise fatigue when Eternals finally hits theaters this November.

Catch Marvel’s Eternals when it hits theaters on Nov. 5. The next MCU property, Loki, debuts on Disney+ on June 9.




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