Marvel Fans Might Have To Wait For Over A Year For Next Movie After Avengers: Endgame

Marvel Fans Might Have To Wait For Over A Year For Next Movie After Avengers: Endgame

Marvel has a lot prepared for this year.  The studio is starting the year strong with the release of Captain Marvel, its first female-led comic book movie. Then a few months after the film’s premiere comes Avengers: Endgame, the conclusion to Joe and Anthony Russo’s two-part Avengers movie. Spider-Man: Far From Home follows a few months after, giving fans some light-hearted swinging fun to cap the year.

But what happens after Far From Home? It looks like fans might have to wait a particularly long time for before the next Marvel movie makes its way to the big screen.

Taking to Twitter earlier this week, Deadpool comic book writer Robert Liefeld made an interesting but at the same time alarming observation about Marvel’s current slate. Noting that there currently aren’t any Marvel projects in production, Liefeld points out that there might not be another Marvel movie for a year once Endgame and Far From Home makes its big premiere.

“Still wrapping my head around the fact that there are no Marvel movies currently filming. So a full year absent Marvel films following Spider Man?” Liefeld wrote in his post.

Right now, the next release date on Marvel’s schedule has been set on May 1, 2020, and while that might not seem far off after Far From Home,  the film is technically owned by Sony.

Besides that, Marvel has been pretty tight-lipped about its plans for 2020. What kind of films can we expect once Avengers: Endgame finally has its way with the MCU? Are we finally going to take a dip into the Marvel Cosmic Universe?

Let’s hope that Marvel lets us know soon.

Captain Marvel premieres March 8, 2019.



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