Learn Magic with the Harry Potter Magic Caster Wand

Learn Magic with the Harry Potter Magic Caster Wand

The Fantastic Beasts films may have started to fizzle out in the box office, but there are still a lot of other ways to enjoy the Wizarding World.

Just in, Warner Bros Entertainment has revealed what they call the Harry Potter: Magic Caster Wand, and it allows you to ‘cast spells’ in your home. Watch this:

Connect your world, unlock the ultimate wand experience, and bring the magic of Harry Potter to your everyday life with the Harry Potter: Magic Caster Wand.

The device essentially lets you plug into your home system and have you control various things around your house with the wave of the wand. The wand actually comes with a variety of spells for you to learn, and you have to take note of the wand movement as well as the incantation to properly activate the commands.

Not only do you get to mess with the lights, but you can also play games with the wand, and go duelling with your friends who also have their own magic casters. I’ll admit, it looks like something that could be fun for a week, but I’m sure there are some Potterheads who would just love to have this smart wand and turn on lights with a flick of their wrist. Besides, who knows what other kinds of games could be on this device?

To find out more about the Magic Caster Wand, you can check the official site here.


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