Leslie Grace Shares More Behind the Scenes Batgirl Clips

Leslie Grace Shares More Behind the Scenes Batgirl Clips

Batgirl had been infamously shelved ever since the Warner Bros Discovery takeover. Fans are currently petitioning for the film to be released in some way, and now Grace has continued to stir the pot by releasing some BTS clips of herself working on the film.

This was posted on Grace’s TikTok (via @getFANDOM):


We never really got a trailer for Batgirl, but based on what we can see here, Grace had worked a lot when it came to the action scenes for the film. There’s even one part where we see her jump backwards from a huge height, and I’m sure that would have been amazing to see with Batgirl fully costumed, complete with cape.

If anything, it seems like we got another #ReleaseTheSnyderCut situation in our hands, with the movie being mostly complete and only the studio refusing to have it finished. Though rumors are going around that the movie was terrible, hence the cancellation, there are also some saying that it was actually well-received, and it was only pulled because of some tax write-off that’s part of the restructuring of the new owners of WB.

With so much work put into the film, it’s such a waste that we won’t be able to watch Batgirl, but I am hoping that we’ll eventually get Grace’s Barbara Gordon on the big screen one way or another.

Batgirl currently has no release date.


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