Aquaman’s James Wan Denies That Warner Brothers Cut 20 Minutes From The Movie

Aquaman’s James Wan Denies That Warner Brothers Cut 20 Minutes From The Movie

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There’s been word around the mill saying that Warner Brothers has interfered with Aquaman’s production by cutting 20 minutes out of Stephen Curry’s upcoming DC Extended Universe standalone movie, but director James Wan says that the rumor is nothing but moot.

A Twitter user going by the name Ronster Monster just recently posted that “multiple sources” have informed him that Warner Brothers just cut a solid 20 minutes from Aquaman. Though Ronster Monster doesn’t name his sources, fans know that the studio has a tendency to meddle with the production of the films in the DCEU. Warner Brothers interfered with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, they interfered with Suicide Squad, they even brought in Joss Whedon to take over Zack Snyder on Justice League.

The tweet was then brought to Wan’s attention and the director immediately dismissed the claimsaying that none of  what Ronster Monster said was true.

Check out the Twitter exchange right here:

While it’s possible that Aquaman’s final cut still hasn’t been completed even with the film just over two months from its premiere in cinemas, Wan may already be very close to completing post-production and it’s very unlikely that the studio would be making any major cuts during this late in the process.

The studio could have probably done some serious cutting before the film began working on its reshoots – after all, the reshoots are there to help fill any of the missing elements that might have surfaced after cutting a significant amount of footage.

However, this doesn’t mean that Warner Brothers meddled with production by cutting 20 minutes of the film this late in the process of making the movie.

Aquaman is set to swim into cinemas this December 21, 2018.


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