Knives Out Sequel by Rian Johnson Cuts Deal with Netflix

Knives Out Sequel by Rian Johnson Cuts Deal with Netflix

While Rian Johnson’s Knives Out is a movie that can stand on its own, director Rian Johnson has announced that he’ll be making more sequels focused on the character of Daniel Craig Benoit Blanc. Though the sequel is expected to debut in theaters (whenever it’s safe for them to open again), it looks like streaming giant Netflix wants in on the pie.

As per Deadline, Netflix is nearing a deal to make two Knives Out sequels with Johnson, and it’s going to be worth upwards of $400 million. With the original movie only costing $40 million to produce, it’s going to be interesting to see just where Johnson takes the franchise moving forward.

Admittedly, there have been some comparisons between Knives Out and Agatha Christie’s mystery stories like Murder on the Orient Express. With inspector Hercule Poirot expected to make a comeback with Death on the Nile, it’s going to be interesting to see how Johnson sets his franchise apart—especially since he’s a director that’s been known for ‘subverting expectations.’

Personally, I have nothing but appreciation for Johnson. Not only is he a very smart filmmaker, but he has somehow managed to trudge through the toxic online Star Wars fandom and still come out smiling. With so many people just wanting to see him fail, it’s very nice to see that he’s still getting work and not being apologetic for what a lot of fans think is the best entry in the Star Wars franchise ever.

Here’s the synopsis for the original Knives Out movie:

The circumstances surrounding the death of crime novelist Harlan Thrombey are mysterious, but there’s one thing that renowned Detective Benoit Blanc knows for sure — everyone in the wildly dysfunctional Thrombey family is a suspect. Now, Blanc must sift through a web of lies and red herrings to uncover the truth.

No release date has been set for Knives Out 2, but the movie is expected to start shooting in Greece on June 28.


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