Kevin Smith Outlines Zack Snyder’s Original Three-Movie Plan for Justice League

Kevin Smith Outlines Zack Snyder’s Original Three-Movie Plan for Justice League

If you did your research on the DCEU, you’d know that Zack Snyder had a multi-film plan for the Justice League franchise which was later scrapped to make way for whatever Joss Whedon gave us back in 2017. As it turns out, director Kevin Smith has been able to chat with people who had worked on both films, and he gives us a possible outline of Snyder’s original plan for the movies.

He explains this on his show Fatman Beyond, and the discussion starts at 34:29:

To those who can’t watch, I’ll try to break it down for you.

As it turns out, the original plan was to make three Justice League films which would have highlighted the conflict of the League with Darkseid. The first movie was basically what we got, only with Darkseid glimpsing the League at the end. One big change, though, was that there was supposed to be a Green Lantern appearing in the film (specifically that scene where Alfred tells an unseen person that they’re hopefully ‘not too late.’).

The second movie would have seen the League going to space and bringing the fight to Apokolips. The Green Lantern Corps would have been heavily involved, and the movie was supposed to end with a tragic note (much like Empire Strikes Back) where Darkseid beats the heroes and then blasts off to Earth.

The third movie would have taken place in Batman’s Knightmare scene from Batman v Superman, with the League trying to win the Earth back from Darkseid after he decimates it.

With no Justice League movie in sight, it’s kind of a shame that this concept was dropped. The thought of Darkseid destroying the Earth is almost something comparable to Thanos decimation in Infinity War. Hopefully after the DCEU gets back on its feet we can revisit the story, but as of now, it looks like WB is going to focus on individual films first.

The next movie in the franchise set to come out is Shazam! and it hits theaters April 5.


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