Is This a Look at Ms. Marvel’s New Costume in The Marvels?

Is This a Look at Ms. Marvel’s New Costume in The Marvels?

The finale of Ms. Marvel had teased a crossover with none other than Captain Marvel herself, but we have yet to get a look at the upcoming sequel. What’s interesting though, is we may have a leaked image of Kamala’s new outfit in The Marvels.

Check this out:

The outfit definitely looks a lot wilder than the one we got in the show, and it’s possible it could have some kind of cosmic origin. We don’t exactly know what happens in the mid-credits scene, but some think that Kamala and Carol may have switched places, with Kamala finding herself in space. Maybe the switch even took place when Carol touched the other band that matched Kamala’s.

While the costume does have an interesting origin in the show, I guess I’m a tad more nitpicky when it comes to how it was adapted. I really liked the simple look of Kamala’s outfit in the comics, and it made sense since she’s a fangirl cosplayer; the new outfit to me kind of feels too much like a generic MCU costume. Then again, that’s just my own personal opinion.

I still think the characterization of Kamala is great, and the series really holds no punches when it actually put Kamala in an actual moment in history. I mean, sure the Clandestines were a corny villain, but you just love getting into Kamala’s Pakistani-American community, which we don’t get to see everyday in a Marvel property.

Catch Ms. Marvel on Disney+. The Marvels is set to hit theaters on July 28, 2023.


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