Is Hideo Kojima Teasing the Death Stranding Sequel?

Is Hideo Kojima Teasing the Death Stranding Sequel?

A few months back, Norman Reedus had teased that he could be working on a sequel to Death Stranding. We haven’t gotten any updates in months, but a recent post from game director Hideo Kojima has fans wondering if this is our first teaser for the DS sequel.

Kojima posted this on his Twitter feed:

The wording is very vague, but some are guessing that it’s actually Reedus that we see in the background, out of focus. Back in August (via IGN Brazil), Reedus had said, “I think we’re doing a second Death Stranding.”

With Death Stranding being Kojima’s first major title outside of Konami, a lot of people were hyped for the release of the game. Upon launch though, DS proved to be nothing less than divisive; with some praising Kojima’s unique take in the video game medium, and others dubbing the game as a pretentious attempt at art.

Oddly enough, Death Stranding ended up being prophetic in its premise. Who knew that a game about a delivery man trying to keep society connected as humanity was decimated by an invisible enemy would come out right before the rise of the pandemic?

We don’t know where a sequel could go at this point, but seeing as the first game already has a confusing enough storyline, we should expect the follow-up to be just as convoluted. Then again, there’s probably someone on Youtube who will be willing to go over details for you.

No sequel has been officially announced, but Death Stranding is now playable for PS4|PS5, and PC.


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