Indiana Jones 5 Wraps Filming

Indiana Jones 5 Wraps Filming

Harrison Ford has been closing the book on many of his iconic past roles, and he’s set to come back as the whip-slinging Indiana Jones this July. We don’t have a look at the movie yet, but it’s been announced that production has officially wrapped filming.

This comes from Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall:

We also got this post from director James Mangold:

We’ve yet to get an official look at the cast yet, but seeing that the movie has wrapped, we could be getting some official images soon.

No official plot has been revealed for Indiana Jones 5 yet, but it has been speculated that this will be Ford’s final run as Indy, and that the torch will be passed on to whoever Phoebe Waller-Bridge is playing.

When The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out, it looked like the franchise was preparing for Shia LaBeouf to take over any future installments. With the movie being poorly received—and LaBeouf undergoing some personal drama—it looks like Lucasfilm had to go back to the drawing board.

While the studio does seem to want the franchise to go on, I’m completely fine with the film just focusing on Indy and closing his story. If you ask me, there are already too many globe-trotting adventure franchises going around (Uncharted, Tomb Raider) that the Indy franchise doesn’t really need to compete with them. We should just get a solid story that concludes the arc of one of cinema’s most beloved characters.

Catch Indiana Jones when it comes out July 29.


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