Watch Iman Vellani Geek Out Over ‘Everyone’ She Met at D23

Watch Iman Vellani Geek Out Over ‘Everyone’ She Met at D23

Marvel Studios had struck gold when they cast actual Marvel superfan Iman Vellani as Avengers-nut Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel, and since D23 was filled with appearances from every celebrity across the franchise, newcomer Vellani had a lot to gush about when she suddenly found herself coming face-to-face with some onscreen legends.

Check her out here:

“Harrison Ford, I met Harrison Ford. Giancarlo Esposito—Dude, dude—I met everyone. I met Charlie Cox—Everyone. Vincent D’Onofrio, that took me—Jon Favreau, I just, I’m obsessed with him and everything he does, and he gave me a Star Wars—like a Mando token. Dude, I’m having a pretty good day.”

Even before D23, Vellani had made it clear that she does her research  on the source material, and even has some public arguments with Kevin Feige when it comes to the continuity of the franchise. If anything, she’s an excited, geeky, young woman—perfect for a character like Kamala Khan.

For now, Vellani is gearing up for an appearance in The Marvels alongside characters like Captain Marvel and Photon. We don’t know when Marvel Studios is going to give us a look yet, but it’s possible we’ll have to wait until next year, what with Marvel’s packed schedule.

The Marvels is set to hit theaters on July 28, 2023, but you can check out Kamala in Ms. Marvel which has its complete first season now available on Disney+.


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