House of the Dragon Announces August Premiere

House of the Dragon Announces August Premiere

Game of Thrones may be done, but HBO isn’t ready to say good-bye to the world of Westeros just yet. A spinoff series called House of the Dragon has been in the works over the past year, and after months of teases, we finally have a premiere date.

As per the official account, House of the Dragon premieres on HBO Max on August 21. Here’s the post:

The post also came with several stills for characters that will be making an appearance in the series. Besides the several Targaryens that will be controlling the Iron Throne, the show has also released stills of characters from House Hightower as well as House Velaryon.

We don’t know how long HBO plans to run the show, but we know that the key figures are involved the Targaryen Civil War which is known in the lore as the Dance of Dragons. While we can expect the war to be the climax of the series, there’s a lot of room for the writers to add several more events in the show.

Though Game of Thrones may have ended with a fizzle, House of the Dragon has the benefit of having a completed source material. Let’s just hope that the fans haven’t gotten sick of this world yet. If anything, they’re likely looking for a good excuse to come back to Westeros, even if none of the characters they liked are coming back. Hopefully the show sticks to what made the original great, with the political intrigue and solid character work.

House of the Dragon premieres on HBO Max on Aug. 21.



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